About Us

We would like to jump-start your body contouring goals by offering our line of premium waist trainers. All of our waist trainers are made of 96% cotton, 4% spandex, and 100% Latex. Our high quality zippers keep a tight fit around your waist to achieve a clinching effect as you lose weight.  The compression of a waist trainer stimulates thermal activity in your core which increases perspiration allowing toxins to be released from the body while exercising. The multiple steel bones built into each Elite waist trainer aids with the contouring process and helps to alleviate back pain as well as correct posture. The attached compression belt is to reinforce waist control to flatten and slim your stomach.  The Velcro allows for easy adjustments and to ensure the band stays in place tightly around the waist. Over a period of time the results can help to enhance your silhouette.

Our product line is not limited to only quality waist trainers, in addition we will offer fitness accessories, beauty enhancement tools, and trendy gear! We strive to be your one stop shop and resource center that highlights fitness, beauty, and overall health by promoting internal and external growth through our social media. Our ultimate goal is to use our platform to increase awareness in knowing that true beauty is achieved when your mind gains clarity, your spirit becomes complete, and your body reaches ELITE status. Join our health and fitness community and enhance your overall being with Elite Body!!

 Contact Email: elitebodywear@gmail.com

 Business Phone Number: 708.816.4877