Care Instructions


To clean your shapewear, you need a soft cloth and mild shampoo or baby shampoo. You also need some warm water in a bowl or basin. It is strongly recommended not to use detergent, since some contain dyes, alcohol, bleach or fragrances and all of these could damage your garment. Begin by dipping the soft cloth in the warm water and lathering it up. Rub gently on the garment.

Since our waist trainers are made of latex, please be gentle to prevent damaging the fabric. Latex is a very strong material, but when cleaning your waist trainer, it can be easily damaged, so please wash it carefully. Proceed to wipe every visible surface while periodically dipping the cloth in the soapy water. After that, rinse the cloth in clean water and wipe down your waist trainer. Ensure that you wipe it thoroughly so that there is no soapy residue on it. After wiping everything off, please lay the waist trainer flat to dry. Do not wring it! The garment should be dry before you wear it again. If the waist trainer is not dry, then please have a bit more patience.


Never clean your shapewear in a washing machine or dry it in the dryer!! Not only can it break up the steel bones, which are essential in waist training, but this can also cause the latex to shrink and become discolored. It can also damage the neoprene found in the male training vests and the body shapers.


Store your garment where it is not exposed to direct sunlight and preferably lay it flat, although you could also hang it. You can hang it on a lingerie hanger. Please make sure not to roll it up, because that will damage your shapewear.